Ranger / Werebear


A human ranger from the Far Hills, Eirumir came east in pursuit of his hated enemies the Drow. He founded the Company of the Swinging Barrel, who fought a great evil at Hellgate Keep (where it was revealed that their companion Turin Turinbar was a Dark Elf in disguise).

Eriumir went on to lead the Knights of Silverhall on quests to Firestorm Peak and the White Plume Mountains to recover the B’athril sword “Blackrazor” and spear “Gloomfell.” It is on this quest that he gained his magical ax “Preserver,” whose healing power has often saved Eriumir from near death. This was not enough to prevent him from later falling in battle to a Bodak.

However Eriumir was restored to life by the mysterious “elders” in order to protect Faerun from the Wyrmfang and the B’athrils; his consciousness was reincarnated in the body of a bear. Eventually Eriumir was able to shift into human form, but when raging he transforms back into beast shape.

Currently Eirumir is in the Underdark tracking the Drow known as “Turin Turinbar” (a false name meaning “your impending doom”). His nemesis had again disguised himself as a member of the party and stolen the Wyrmfang dagger from the Elven fortress of Evereska. Eirumir seeks to recovery the artifact before it falls into the wrong hands and to finally avenge himself against his greatest foe.


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