The Wyrmfang Chronicles

Emerald Spire - Level 5, part 2
Water, water, everywhere...

Glup, gurgle. Glup glup blub. Gurgle blub glurp gloop. Glub glub blub. Burble burble bloop blop. Glub glub blub. Glub glub blub!*

*Greetings, all fish. Fish are best. Fish better than mammals. Mammals cannot swim like fish. Mammals slow. Mammals stupid. Fish swim forever. Fish swim forever! (Taken from a campaign speech of one T’Glop, first sahuagin elected to the Merfolk InterOcean Senate. Translated from the original aquan)

Emerald Spire - Level 5

Day of Yearning, Year of Stars, Hour of Moon
The fools! They told me that I was wasting my time on land, that I would find naught worth studying among the air breathers. I have proven them wrong. The Spire has advanced my arcane knowledge beyond all wildest imaginings. The magics it contains lead to discovery after discovery. And to find a water source within from the Well of Purity was beyond belief. Truly the goddess has smiled upon me.

Day of Yesteryear, Year of Redemption
Sisters chose well to join me. Sisters own studies have accelerated exponentially. Perhaps Sisters even surpasses me? Sisters always did challenge Sisters far harder than I do. Sisters says that another wizard has arrived. A human named Klarkosh. He has requested a meeting for “mutual exchange of learning”. Sisters is doubtful.

Day of Pain, Year of Redemption
Curse that Klarkosh! He hid his true power well. Too late did I realize it. Perhaps Sisters and I are a match together against him. Neither side wishes to test that assumption though. We have reached an agreement. His lackeys will leave us alone so long as we share all we learn with him. Sisters says as long as he honors it and leaves us alone to study the Spire, we should not challenge him. I have agreed… for now.

Day of Delight, Year of Redemption
Klarkosh has given Sisters a gift. I did not think Sisters could be bought so cheaply. I have no choice now. I must do as Sisters has agreed. Sisters says it is for the best, that our research must continue. Sisters is not the same. I do not know if I can continue here. For now, Sisters. For now.

Day of Anger, Year of Revenge
More strangers have come. My companions were slain. I grow tired of these constant interruptions to my studies. Now I must call my companions forth once more. Wasted time! Klarkosh says he will deal with them. I do not believe him. I will prepare a welcome for their return.
—Entry from the journal of Jorqual, Academic

Vournoth's Mire
The Wyrmfang Chronicles: City of the Spider Queen

Continuing on to Maerimydra in hopes of reaching the drow city in time to stop Turambar’s plans for the stolen Wyrmfang Dagger (Jarel Sur), the party must next pass through the Lich’s Mire. A being known as Vournoth once claimed this area, and the map shows no alternate path.

I guess we’ll find out is this area is still inhabited and how dangerous it is. Any advice for dealing with liche’s?


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