Part One: The Half-Dead City

“Hail Thoth, architect of truth, give me words of power that I may write the story of my own becoming.
I stand before the masters who witnessed the creation, who were with Ra that morning the sun rolled into being,
who were with Osiris in the grave as he gathered himself together
and burst from the tomb white with heat, a light and shining god. "

- Excerpt from the Book of the Dead

Welcome, adventurers and explorers, to Osirion, Land of the Pharaohs! Here, ancient mysteries lie buried amongst the ever-shifting dunes, and tombs full of lost treasures await rediscovery under the harsh desert sun. It is a land of beauty, bravery, and daring feats, where blades gleam brightly and secrets are whispered through diaphanous veils. Who among you will rise up and claim the wealth of the ancients, and who will themselves be claimed by the unforgiving sands?

The Wyrmfang Chronicles

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